Ian Shapiro

Sterling Professor of Political Science
and Henry R. Luce Director, The Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center
for International and Area Studies at Yale

Democratic Justice

Democratic Justice

Yale University Press, 1999

A symposium on Democratic Justice was published by The Good Society Volume 11 (2002): Number2 and includes:

BOOKS IN REVIEW: Ian Shapiro’s Democratic Justice

“Democratic Justice ‘All the Way Down’ ”
Nancy L. Rosenblum

“Enough Justice? Enough Democracy? A comment on Shapiro’s Democratic Justice”
James S. Fishkin

“Ian Shapiro’s Democratic Justice”
Iris Young

“Liberal Theory and the ‘Loyal Opposition’ in Democratic Justice”
Steven H. Shiffrin

“Comment on Ian Shapiro’s Democratic Justice”
Clarissa Rile Hayward

“Children and Ian Shapiro’s Democratic Justice”
Georgia Warnke

Revisiting Democratic Justice: A response to critics
Ian Shapiro